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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence
25 November - 10 December 2007
Day 16
Call to Action launched in Decent Work, Decent Life campaign

Today on International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2007, we highlight a major campaign launched in 2007 to support Decent Work for workers around the world.

Half of the world's workforce earns less than US$2 per day. 12.3 million women and men work in slavery. 200 million children under the age of 15 work instead of going to school. 2.2 million people die due to work-related accidents and diseases every year. Add to this massive global unemployment, the lack of social protection for the majority of workers employed in the "informal economy", and the violation of trade union rights and the consequences of the lack of decent work are clear.

Call to Action for Decent Work, Decent LifeDecent Work is a key element to build fair, equitable and inclusive societies based around the principles of employment creation, workers' rights, social protection and social dialogue, and gender equality. Decent Work is about equal access to employment without discrimination. Decent Work is about a living wage for workers to allow them and their families to live with dignity. It is being free from exploitation. Decent Work means allowing people to organize themselves to represent their interest collectively through trade unions and engage in genuine dialogue as citizens and workers.

Launched jointly at the 2007 World Social Forum by the International Trade Union Confederation, the Global Progressive Forum, Social Alert International, the European Trade Union Confederation and Solidar, the Decent Work, Decent Life campaign aims to:
  • Build awareness of Decent Work amongst the general population, decision-makers, governments and international institutions, ensuring that they understand what decent work is and appreciate its role in delivering sustainable development in both developed and developing countries;
  • Fundamentally shift the policy landscape so that decision makers and opinion formers consider Decent Work a central consideration in national and international development, as well as in economic, trade, financial and social policies; and
  • Show that Decent Work is the only sustainable way out of poverty and is fundamental to building democracy and social cohesion in all societies.

The campaign recently launched the Call to Action for Decent Work, Decent Life. The Call to Action will be publicised throughout the world and the signatures collected will be presented to decision-makers at key events. All people are urged to add their voice to the call for decent work by going to www.decentwork.org!

Information from Decent Work, Decent Life campaign.
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