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Vol. 1 No. 5
      December 2006
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Looking Back:
A Year of Opportunity and Change
& Layou

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WEDO honored as a Champion of the Earth by UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

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Dearest Friends,

It’s been an exciting year for WEDO and for women around the world—a new UN agency with real power dedicated to women’s rights, a surge in female political leaders (six Presidents, seven Prime Ministers!) and most recently, the regime change in the U.S. Congress.  There is a lot to celebrate this year, including WEDO’s achievements on:   

» Strengthening the UN
WEDO and partners pushed for a very strong new UN agency dedicated to women’s rights as part of UN Reform.  On November 9, the General Assembly received recommendations to create the new agency and we’re looking forward to meetings with incoming Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in the near future. In 2007, we’ll continue to push for more resources for women’s rights on the ground.

» Protecting the Environment
WEDO and World Conservation Union (IUCN) are changing the way the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) works.  Together we’re leading gender-equality workshops for senior UNEP officials that will make gender and environment central to the organization’s work.   

» Challenging Corporations: MisFortune 500
The first resource of its kind, MisFortune challenges corporate abuse against workers, the environment, and communities.  It also gives women the chance to speak out about their struggles and resistance against corporate violations of their human rights.

» More Gender Parity in Governments
A newly-created global network of activists will build on five years of success for the 50/50 Campaign.  The new Global 50/50 Network of women activists in every region of the world will push for even more, stronger women in governmental positions.  

» WE(DO) Are the Champions!
WEDO’s longstanding work on gender equality and the environment was honored with the prestigious Champion of the Earth Award by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).  June Zeitlin and WEDO Board members traveled to Singapore to accept the award (pdf) that recognized WEDO as "a champion in the field of women's economic, social and gender rights.”

2006 has been a year full of change and opportunity, and thanks to lots of hard work (and a little luck!), we made real headway on UN policy, filling the gap on gender and corporate accountability and continuing to work for women’s rights in government.  We’re poised to seize the moment in 2007, to transform our 2006 policy victories into real change for women’s daily lives, but we need your continued support to do all this.  

Big changes are on the horizon; please help us make sure they arrive. Give now.

Thank you for your support.  We're looking forward to even more success next year,

June Zeitlin, Executive Director, WEDO

June Zeitlin, Executive Director
and all of the WEDO team