Today, WEDO (@WEDO_Worldwide) celebrated Valentine’s Day by shouting out some LOVE to the organizations and people we care about, and the orgs you care about!

In case you missed it, here’s how it went: Happy Valentine’s Day! WEDO wants to share all the orgs & ppl we love with you today. #WEDOLoves Tell us who you love and we’ll retweet!

WEDO Tweets

#WEDOLoves our pioneers Bella Abzug, Wangari Maathai, Thais Corral & many more b/c they made ppl listen

#WEDOLoves @CWGL_Rutgers @IPPF @HuairouConnect & our partners in the @GEARCampaign working for global governance that works for women!

#WEDOLoves @thegenderwire @lisahymas @guardianeco b/c they bring the world into the conversation!

#WEDOLoves our international partners: ABANTU, GACCES, Equidad de Genero, VIDS @Impulsamadera

#WEDOLoves @WorldPulse b/c they connect women’s voices for change around the world!

#WEDOLoves @IUCN_Gender @UN_Women @UNDPGender @GenderAction @boell_us @Oxfam @CARE & partners promoting women’s rights in climate change!

#WEDOLoves @GenderCC @WECF_INT @climategender & all the great orgs who make up the #UNFCCC Women&Gender Constituency!

#WEDOLoves @tcktcktck b/c they bring together fantastic non-profits working for action on climate change!

#WEDOLoves @Women_Rio20 & all those working to make sure that #RioPlus20 gives us the Future We Want!

#WEDOLoves @350 b/c they bring people 2gether to raise their voices & find solutions to the #climate crisis!

#WEDOLoves @GGCA_Gender b/c it brings together amazing orgs to make gender equality central to climatechange!

What YOU love:

@ActionAid: Happy #Valentine‘s day to all ActionAid w♥men: supp♥rters, w♥rkers, ♥rganisers, farmers and m♥re. You make the world go round

@OliveTreeHaiti: @WEDO_worldwide Thank you for the Valentine blessings to learn more about our work please visit

@jennyfriend: My valentine haiku for @olivetreehaiti : Mother and baby Want the chance 2 B healthy Fulfill MDGs #WEDOLoves

@sweetteanhoney: #WEDOLoves women and men living in harmony with each other and the environment! Celebrate #Vday with @WEDO_worldwide

@bridiekatie: I love @ShelbyKnox @sheroxlox @SorryTelevision @randomdeanna @CharleneCac & twitter ladies who speak out 4 what they believe in! #WEDOLoves

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