WEDO’s power lies in its ability to facilitate and connect diverse movements to global processes, ensuring that women’s voices are heard and women’s leadership is advanced in these spheres.

WEDO’s Role 

WEDO’s strengths can be illustrated through roles that it plays, which are applicable across themes, processes and program areas and which can support and build a movement at all levels to shift behavior, change global and local systems and promote justice for all.

  • Technical Advisor: Advising government and UN agencies on implementation of an intersectional approach to sustainable development in policy and practice
  • Advocate: Leading global advocacy for women’s human rights and justice across policy spaces
  • Facilitator and Convener: Partnering with, and bringing together diverse organizations/individuals to demand a just and sustainable future across policy spaces
  • Trainer: Delivering leadership development, orientation to complex processes and advocacy skills training to hundreds of women each year
  • Organizer: Administering logistical and coordination support for women advocates to participate and engage in international processes and campaigns, and connecting partner organizations to small project grants
  • Knowledge Creator: Analyzing processes, actions, and outcomes and producing and promoting knowledge products

Principles of Implementation

  • Link to spaces and platforms for intersectional feminist movement building towards a healthy, peaceful planet.
  • Advocate for transparent, democratic, accountable and effective global governance that provides space for civil society input at all levels.
  • Practice inclusion and prioritize the participation of indigenous women, women with disabilities, women of color, LGBTQI and young feminists/women’s rights activists, particularly from developing / least developed countries.

WEDO Strategies 

WEDO values its diverse collaborations and partnerships across the globe with women’s organizations; environmental, development and human rights organizations; governments; and intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations. The WEDO strategies reflect and draw from this, both building on and building up WEDO’s strengths.

  1. Advocacy & Influence: Engage in policy processes to ensure policy and actions reflect women’s human rights and sustainable development.
  2. Capacity Building and Training: Build capacity and facilitate space for women’s political voice, power and influence, at local, national and international levels.
  3. Knowledge Production and Outreach: Build and maintain knowledge base related to gender equality, women’s rights, sustainable development and environmental issues, ensuring targeted and effective outreach and information sharing.



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