Before the 12th Board meeting of the Green Climate Fund, taking place from 8-10 March 2015,  WEDO stands with CSOs in saying: “Don’t dirty the Green Climate Fund. Just say no to HSBC and Crédit Agricole at the ‪#‎GCFund‬“!

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“The Board of the Green Climate Fund must reject the applications for accreditation of both HSBC and Crédit Agricole. Their accreditation would pose serious reputational and moral risk to the GCF via the banks’: Well-documented involvement in recent money laundering or other fiduciary mismanagement scandals; Large exposure to the coal industry and other climate polluting sectors; and Poor-quality policies and weak compliance arrangements meant to manage the social, gender, and environmental impacts of their lending, and consequent harm on-the-ground.

The accreditation of HSBC and Crédit Agricole would run counter to the GCF’s intent to be a game-changing institution with country ownership at its core. In turn, the GCF Board’s rejection of their applications would be a strong mark in favor of maintaining the integrity of the Fund.

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  1. Just say no to HSBC and Credit Agricole at the Green Climate Fund
  2. HSBC and drug money laundering
  3. Palm oil and deforestation – HSBC and Credit Agricole

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Don’t dirty the Green Climate Fund. Just say no to HSBC and Crédit Agricole at the #GCFund, 

#GCFund must not partner with massive drug money launderer and fossil fuel financier HSBC 

HSBC & Credit Agricole #financingforestdestruction. Keep them out of #GCFund

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