“Our planet is at a crossroads, and people are also at a crossroads. We must be willing to take urgent and bold action to challenge unsustainable systems in our societies, and recognize how power and privilege underpin environmental degradation and resource extraction.”

New York, NY (September 23, 2016) —WEDO attended the 2016 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Congress in Hawaii. This year’s IUCN world congress was themed “Planet at the Crossroads” and launched the Hawai’i commitments: globally transformative and innovative conservation initiatives to meet the critical challenges and opportunities of our time, including the imperative to scale up action on biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Youth In Dialogue: Visions For Gender- Just Alternatives In Climate And Conservation 

The session was co-hosted by WEDO, The Young Feminist Fund (FRIDA), and Sierra Club, and intended to make space for young people, particularly those who identify as women or feminists and those who are interested in the intersections of feminism and conservation to have open conversation about how feminist dialogues can envision alternatives to the current international environmental rhetoric.

A Deep Dive On Gender And Environment 

Throughout the IUCN World Congress, WEDO hosted a daily women’s caucus. On September 5, 2016, WEDO, Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN), and IUCN brought women frontline leaders, researchers and practitioners together to illustrate real-case best practices, lessons, and innovations for gender-responsive environmental action. Participants shared insights and engaged in cutting-edge discussion, aiming to uncover the hurdles and bottlenecks to conservation, and committing to key actions.

Kanaka Maoli Rally

The rally was led by Native Hawaiians on the sidelines of the IUCN Congress in Honolulu. Participants demanded an end to the Desecration of Sacred Mauna Kea, challenged the the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the destructive role of the US Military in the Pacific, opposed the proposed Department of Interior (DOI) rule to create a Native Hawaiian Tribe and stood in solidarity against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Read the open letter with the full list of demands here.



Daily Women’s Caucus

WEDO hosted a daily women’s caucus and on one of the days, the members of the caucus put together a press conference to have space to share insights as women frontline leaders, researchers, and practitioners. Watch the videos below!




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