Bonn, Germany, April 10, 2010 — The Women and Gender Constituency to the UNFCCC delivered its first joint press conference today, featuring speakers from WEDO, GenderCC and WECF and moderated by LIFE.

Moderator Ulrike Röhr, LIFE – Equality, Environment, Education introduced the session.

Marine Franck, Policy Officer Climate Change, WECF France, focused on procedural and organizational aspects and the involvement of civil society. Climate impacts require urgent attention and treatment by all Parties; another failure is possible in Mexico and this is why procedural issues have to be taken seriously. This summit in Bonn is a first step, a chance to move on, an opportunity to rebuild trust and hope. Delegates and civil society have the capacity to create a clear consensus and tackle the climate change challenge.

Sandra Freitas, Global Advocacy Associate, WEDO, delivered a key message that 2009 was a historical year for gender and climate change because for the first time in the UNFCCC process gender considerations were included in the outcome of the work of the convention. Reaching a post 2012 agreement this year remains a challenge; however, gender advocates will continue to push for stronger gender language and a truly equitable outcome.

Gotelind Alber, Board Member, GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice, sp0ke on the gaps in the current negotiation documents in terms of women and gender, whether there is also a gender dimension in mitigation, technology and financing, and how this could be addressed in the upcoming negotiations.

Women and Gender Constituency Press Conference, April 9, 2010 (video)

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