BONN, GERMANY (August 18, 2014)— From 18–21 August 2014, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is hosting the Ninth meeting of  the Technology Executive Committee (TEC). The work of this Committee is to provide an overview of technological needs and analysis of policy and technical issues related to the development and transfer of technologies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. It’s work is undertaken alongside the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), a technology centre hosted by UNEP since 2012. The CTCN’s mission is to stimulate technology cooperation and to enhance technology development and transfer. In addition, the CTCN assists developing countries, at their request, in way which is consistent with their respective capabilities and national circumstances and priorities.

The TEC meets twice a year to decide on the new technology stream to close the pre-2020 emissions and ambition gaps. While these discussions are critical building blocks in responding to climate change, there is little acknowledgement of the social dimension of these technologies or the existing methodologies available to address these social considerations. It is important that technological developments in response to climate change take into account “women’s specific priorities and needs and to make use of their knowledge, and expertise, including indigenous knowledge and traditional practices” to ensure an appropriate and effective adaptation strategy. (UN Women, 2012)

Furthermore, COP decisions 2/CP.17  and 14/CP.18 affirm that the CTCN’s mission is to facilitate the preparation and implementation of technology projects and strategies, taking into account gender considerations, to support action on mitigation and adaptation and enhance low emissions and climate-resilient development. Additionally, decision 25/CP.19 mandates the CTCN, in executing its modalities and procedures, to work in conjunction with the Technology Executive Committee to ensure coherence and synergy within the Technology Mechanism, with the intention of accelerating the development and transfer of technology, taking into account gender considerations.

To ensure that these gender considerations are fully taken into account at the Ninth TEC meeting, WEDO and the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA) have prepared a short briefing paper on ‘Gender, Mitigation and Technology”, which looks at the gender linkages across the technology value chain, in the transport and energy sector, as well as in specific adaptation technology areas such as water and agriculture.

Download the brief here.

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