November 2010- A new Factsheet on Gender and Climate Change Finance written in collaboration by WEDO, UNDP, ActionAid, and UNIFEM.

“The global community is currently mobilizing billions of dollars to finance the response to climate change. In Copenhagen, developed countries pledged US$ 30 billion in “fast start” finance from 2010-2012 – with a commitment to increase to US$ 100 billion annually by 2020. It is essential that these resources promote sustainable climate-resilient development via policies and programmes that reduce inequalities between women and men and ensure that both are able to successfully address the climate crisis and contribute to its solutions. To ensure that climate change finance responds equitably and effectively to the urgent needs of all members of society, gender issues must be taken into account at all stages, including in the identification of sources of finance; within the governance bodies of climate finance mechanisms; during planning and implementation; and in monitoring and evaluation.”

Click here to download the full Factsheet.

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