Cancun, Mexico– Women are key stakeholders in adaptation. Access to voluntary family planning is an important part of strengthening women’s capacity as leaders in adaptation, yet in too many places around the world access to these services is limited. Reducing unintended pregnancies and giving families the tools to determine family size can improve socio-economic status of women, reduce strain on the environment, and improve resource conservation – all of which make significant contributions to resilience in the face of climate change.

On Dec. 1, a side event will be held at COP16 entitled “Healthy Women, Healthy Planet: Women’sEmpowerment, Family Planning, and Resilience.” Panelists, including Monique Essed-Fernades, Interim Executive Director of WEDO, will discuss these critical connections and highlight strategies to effectively link women’s empowerment and family planning in climate change responses.

When: 1 December 2010, 11:30 – 13:00
Where: Cancun Messe, room Mamey

Other panelists include:

· The Honorable David Ebong, Member of Parliament and Chairperson, Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change, Uganda
· Negash Teklu, Executive Director, PHE Ethiopia Consortium
· Lucy Wanjiru,Program Specialist, Gender, Climate Change and Environment, UNDP

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