For the action research showcased in the publication: From research to action, leaf by leaf: getting gender right in REDD+ SES.  WEDO designed a common methodology (research, workshops, site visits, interviews and follow-up) for the action research that was flexible enough to be tailored to each country’s specific conditions. This flexibility was critical for two principle reasons: first, each country is in a different stage in their REDD+ process, and second, each country has different strengths and challenges related to the integration of gender equality and women’s rights into their REDD+ processes.

Description: The second country in which the action research was conducted was Ecuador. The work was done in partnership with the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador (MAE), CARE Ecuador and Conservation International Ecuador. The focal points during the action research were: María del Carmen García (MAE), Belen Córdovez (CARE Ecuador) and Montserrat Alban (Conservation International). The focal points have been in charge of leading the REDD+ SES country process in Ecuador.


  • 3-day workshop with 29 participants that included civil society, United Nations and government professionals, grassroots, and indigenous women and men
  • 1-day workshop with 18 participants, including 5 participants from the previous workshop and representatives from government, civil society and academic institutions
  • 8 interviews with grassroots women from Socio Bosque Programme in Campo Cocha and Tamayura communities
  • 9 interviews with representatives from the Ministry of Environment (MAE) (National Patrimony Sub secretariat and the head of the Socio Bosque Program); representatives from the Secretariat of Planning (SENPLAES) and the Secretariat of the Indigenous Peoples, Social Movements and Citizen Participation; Transition Commission for the National Council for Women and Gender Equality; UN Women Regional Office; Lourdes Barragan from CEPLAES and Susan Poats from Randi Randi NGO


  • Potential actions to ensure that the REDD+ National Programme includes the gender dimension in its Readiness, Policies and Measures and Implementation phases.
  • Gender equality or women’s rights issues that need to be addressed within each one of the principles of the REDD+ SES.
  • Preliminary plan of action to address gender considerations in REDD+ SES.

For a comparative analysis between Ecuador and the other three countries involved in the action research, explore below:

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