For the action research showcased in the publication: From research to action, leaf by leaf: getting gender right in REDD+ SES.  WEDO designed a common methodology (research, workshops, site visits, interviews and follow-up) for the action research that was flexible enough to be tailored to each country’s specific conditions. This flexibility was critical for two principle reasons: first, each country is in a different stage in their REDD+ process, and second, each country has different strengths and challenges related to the integration of gender equality and women’s rights into their REDD+ processes.

Description: The action research in Tanzania had a somewhat different structure than the other countries. The action research consisted of: 3-day exchange with community members from three REDD+ Pilot Projects, 1-day workshop with civil society representatives working on women’ right or gender issues, 1-day workshop with the members of the Standards Technical Working Group that supports the National REDD+ Task Force, and interviews with focal points. CARE Tanzania gender focal point Tiitta Tervonen and independent consultants Mutembei Kokuteta and Hilda Mashauri supported the work.


  • 3-day workshop with 19 participants from REDD+ Pilot projects from Tanzania Forests Conservation Group (MJUMITA/ TFCG), Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organisation (TaTEDO) CARE Hifadhiya Misituya Asili(HIMA) and women NGOs from Morogoro
  • Exchange visit with community members from REDD+ Pilot projects from MJUMITA/ TFCG, TaTEDO, HIMA and women NGOs from Morogoro to share experiences with community involved in TFCG REDD+ Pilot Project
  • 1-day workshop with 19 civil society representatives
  • 1-day workshop with 4 representatives from the 3 Technical Working Groups
  • 5 interviews with representatives from The Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) NGO; Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA); Head of the REDD+ Task force; Women’s Ministry and with gender focal points from one of the supporting partners


  • Potential actions to ensure that the REDD+ National Strategy includes the gender dimension in its Readiness, Policies and Measures and Implementation phases.
  • Opportunities and challenges faced by women identified in some activities associated to REDD+ Pilot projects.
  • Gender equality or women’s rights issues that need to be addressed within some of the principles of the REDD+ SES.
  • Preliminary roadmap established for REDD+ Standards Technical Working group, which included actions to mainstream gender in the national interpretation process of the REDD+SES.

For a comparative analysis between Tanzania and the other three countries involved in the action research, explore below:

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