CSD19 Parallel Event

Will New Technologies and the “Green Economy” enable a new Earth Grab?

Today –Tuesday May 10th 2011, Room C
UN North Lawn Building. New York

Organized by Third World Network, ETC Group and La Via Campesina.
Hosted by UN NGLS.

Hope is running high that next year’s “Rio+20” summit could offer an opportunity to breathe new life into global governance and  sustainable development.

But the nature and goal of a ‘Green Economy’ is poorly defined and also controversial, raising concerns from Southern governments, civil society and social movements:

 Will reliance on new technologies (such as nanotechnology, synthetic biology, “climate ready” crops and others) put our social and environmental security further at risk rather than assure it?

– Will dropping the ‘social pillar’ of sustainable development for a ‘green economy’ secure bringing billions out of poverty?

– What social, economic and ecological problems could result from a new “bio-economy,” including the intensified use of biofuels, biomass and other resources?

– Will a rush to this new green economy threaten the rights and livelihoods of the world’s peasants, pastoralists and fisherfolks who currently provide 70% of global food production?

– Can we accept that in the name of “a climate emergency” a handful of powerful players will geoengineer the planet?

This panel will provide a critical look at some of the vital challenges that governments must confront to prevent the Earth Summit from turning into an Earth Grab.

Carlos Marentes – La Via Campesina 
Juan Hoffmaister -Third World Network 
Silvia Ribeiro and Jim Thomas – ETC Group
Chaired by Elisa Peters – UN NGLS (Non Governmental Liaison Service)

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