Thursday, Dec. 1st 2011

On Thursday, WEDO Advocacy Coordinator Rachel Harris joined a panel session at the COP17 “Digital Lounge” for an event organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to highlight the linkages between gender, health and climate change. As climate change increases the frequency of droughts, reduces agricultural output and contributes to the rise of extreme weather events, women are on the front lines of climate vulnerability. This vulnerability extends into the health sector, making women particularly vulnerable to a range of health burdens spurred by climate change.

Other panelists included Natalie Eddy, GGCA Coordinator and Ellen Duzah, ABANTU and member of GGCA Advocacy Team.

Also, in preparation for COP17, the Public Health Institute: The Center for Public Health and Climate Change, released an important paper on Women’s Leadership in Climate Adaptation; entitled “ENHANCING WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP: TO ADDRESS THE CHALLENGES OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON NUTRITION SECURITY AND HEALTH”.

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