NEW YORK (October 22, 2012)– Sonke Gender Justice Network, Men for Gender Equality Sweden, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wikigender invite you to participate in a new online discussion on the topic of “Engaging Men and Boys in Transforming Discriminatory Social Norms’.

The inputs from the Wikigender community will be presented via a summary report at the 2012 Social Institutions and Gender Index seminar on 13 November, an event co-organised by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Development Centre, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency in Stockholm.

There is particular interest for contributions on the following:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges for engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality? How can men and boys be persuaded that gender equality also benefits them?
  • In your area/region, what are examples of successful programmes in engaging men and boys in transforming discriminatory social norms? (e.g. socio-cultural practices, caring responsibilities, employment rights, gender- based violence…)
  • What actions should governments, donors, UN bodies and civil society take to support the engagement of men and boys in achieving gender equality?

The discussion will be open for comments starting on Monday October 22nd until October 31st. Please use the hashtag #engagingmen to promote the discussion on Twitter. Please join us. Please also forward this widely.

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