New York, August 1st, 2011- In late June the Executive Board of UN Women decided to adopt UN Women’s strategic plan.  With the ultimate goal of gender equality and women’s empowerment the strategic plan focuses on women’s political leadership, women’s economic empowerment, violence against women, gender budgeting and gender mainstreaming intergovernmental processes.  It is an ambitious plan and there are many challenges that lie ahead for UN Women.  However, the GEAR Campaign, comprised of civil society organizations passionately advocating for the creation of UN Women, is now enthusiastically advocating for UN Women’s success.

WEDO in continued partnership with the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) is coordinating the GEAR Campaign in its next phase, where the partners will be working with global, regional and NY-based organizations to advocate for:

1)      a human rights-based approach to all of UN Women’s programming;
2)      meaningful civil society participation at all levels;
3)      significantly increased funding for UN Women ($1 billion per annum); and
4)      increased and effective country level presence of UN Women.

In addition to its work with GEAR, WEDO is also working with UN Women as part of the Women’s Major Group to bring a gender perspective to the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012 and ensure the participation of women’s organizations in Rio+20 and preparations for Rio+20.

We are excited to enter this new phase with the GEAR Campaign and to work with UN Women to operate most successfully and effectively for women around the world.

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