PARIS, France (Dec. 12, 2015) – On Saturday, key representatives, including WEDO’s Bridget Burns, of three officially-recognized UNFCCC constituencies and other civil society working groups reacted to the removal of rights language from the operative section of the draft Paris Agreement.

Bridget highlighted the work of the inter-constituency group over the last few years in demanding climate change take into account the rights and needs of people and ecosystems. Despite this call for climate justice, language around human rights and gender equality has been concluded in the preamble of the agreement. Speaking for many on the panel, Bridget expressed, “huge disappointment and really a failure of governments and leaders here to enshrine the rights, equality and ecosystem integrity.”

As Sharan summarised, “The sad truth today is that too many governments put their national short-term interests ahead of a common future and a sustainable planet.”

Speakers included: Bridget Burns (WEDO/Women & Gender Constituency), Frank Ettawageshik (Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus), Kirby Fullerton (Youth/YOUNGO), Sharan Burrow (Trade Union Non-Governmental Organizations) and Caroll Muffet (Center for International Environmental Law).

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