On April 21st, 2010, the Global Preparatory Meeting for the Annual Ministerial Review session of ESOSOC entitled “Financing for Climate Change: Gender Equality” met at the United Nations to discuss the placement of women’s empowerment and the concept of “gender as smart economics” at the center of deliberations on financing for climate change.

Moderated by WEDO Executive Director Cate Owren, the event drew a multitude of dignified speakers, NGO representatives, and government delegations from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Spain, Slovenia, and Iceland.

Questions posited at the meeting included:

• What are the sources of climate change financing and what does gender-sensitive climate change financing policy mean in practice?
• How can one ensure gender sensitive climate change economic policies at macro and micro levels?
• What are some success stories of gender budgeting and gender sensitive approaches in climate change financing?
• How can financial assistance/ODA for climate change contribute to women’s empowerment?

In the following report, you can read the summarized opinions and answers to these questions put forth by the panel of distinguished speakers, as well as the key recommendations agreed upon at the meeting. To access the publication, click here.

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