WEDO is participating in the 2nd Intersessional of the Rio+20 prepratory process, taking place December 15th and 16th at the UN in New York. As part of the Women’s Major Group, WEDO is following the discussions on the Zero Draft to ensure that priorities for women and gender equality are included. On Thursday morning, during the first session on the compilation document (comments and guidance for the zero draft outcome document), the Women’s Major Group delivered an intervention focused on some major issues from the WMG submission and Rio+20 priorities. The Women’s Major Group called for a number of outcomes, including:

  • For governments to reaffirm that women’s human rights are necessary to achieving sustainable development goals.
  • That the unfair and unequal burden that women carry in sustaining our collective well-being be recognized.
  • For a universal social protection floor that entails basic social secruity and health care including women’s sexual and reproductive health services.
  • To protect women’s rights to land, water, energy, and other resources by halting the privatization and commodification of our common resources.
  • That responses to the growing population problem prioritize women’s human rights.

The points will be reiterated during a side event co-organized by the WMG and UN Women – “From ‘Brown’ to ‘Equitable’ Economies: Women’s Priorities for Rio+20” – Thursday evening.

Click here to download the statement of the Women’s Major Group.

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