New York, March 25–In a powerful statement issued earlier this month on International Women’s Day, the President of the 63rd General Assembly, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, pledged strong support for the creation of a new women’s entity at the United Nations to advance women’s rights.
Calling on other Member States to join him Mr. Brockmann said, “Let’s commit together to consign lip service and tokenism to the past and create a viable entity for women that will bring equality to the world, and to the UN itself.”
In September of 2008, the 62nd General Assembly took a big step towards establishing a new women’s entity by voting on a resolution requesting the UN Deputy Secretary-general to elaborate on a new women’s entity based on the model advocated by the Gender Equality Architecture (GEAR) campaign, of which WEDO is co-facilitator.
In the statement, Brockman remarked that establishing the new women’s entity “will ensure that at long last, women’s own voices can be heard, at all levels of society, and in the decisions that affect their lives.”
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