New York, September 9th 2011— WEDO is proud to present a new joint publication with Gender Action and Oxfam: “Governing Climate Funds: What Will Work for Women?”

As the international community mobilizes in response to global climatic changes, climate funds must ensure the equitable and effective allocation of funds for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Women and girls, disproportionately vulnerable to negative climate change impacts in developing countries, have largely been excluded from climate change finance policies and programmes. This report examines four funds –climate funds and non-climate funds, to draw out the lessons for gender integration in global finance mechanisms. Women and girls must not only be included in adaptive and mitigative activities, but also recognized as agents of change who are essential to the success of climate change interventions.

This report was commissioned by Oxfam and WEDO, with funding from Oxfam Great Britain and coordination by WEDO. Primary authors of this report are Elizabeth Arend and Sonia Lowman of Gender Action. Contributing authors include Elaine Zuckerman of Gender Action; Tracy Carty, Claire Godfrey and Monique Mikhail of Oxfam GB; Sandra Freitas, Rachel Harris and Cate Owren of WEDO.

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