“Never underestimate the importance of what we are doing here. Never hesitate to tell the truth. And never, ever give in or give up.” – Bella Abzug, Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, September 12, 1995

Each year WEDO honors Bella Abzug’s birthday, July 24th, by raising money for a specific project we think she would have loved.

Among the remarkable qualities of Bella Abzug, WEDO’s co-founder and visionary whose birthday we celebrate this week, was her tremendous capacity for optimism. She drew inspiration and motivation from all the women around the world with whom she worked. She celebrated them and, in so doing, she celebrated the momentum of this movement. In turn, we celebrate the countless individuals, organizations, networks and movements who have contributed to every bit of this shared history – and those who will shape our future.

This week, we ask YOU to support this movement by supporting our work to empower young women as leaders, promoting the next generation of activists and advocates.Contribute to WEDO’s efforts to empower young women, achieve gender equality, and ensure a healthy and peaceful planet.

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