By Cate Owren, Executive Director  &  Eleanor Blomstrom, Program Coordinator and Rio+20 Lead

Dear friends,
Most of you know we’re both new mothers, with kids 7 months old and 20 months old, respectively. They are an indescribable joy – making every day brighter, more hilarious, more exhausting, more profound than ever before.
Motherhood makes our commitment to our work more powerful. Like most moms, we want our kids to grow up in a world better than the one we grew up in – more peaceful, more equal, more just. We want the same for every child, and every mother and her family, everywhere.
As we (try to) balance family life with WEDO goals, the importance of the upcoming Rio+20 conference is magnified both by our global ideals and our personal wishes. Nothing else matters if we don’t have a healthy planet on which to live – and for young and future generations, there is nothing more fragile and precious or more critical to ensure.
Join us on the road to Rio+20 and join us in celebrating mothers everywhere, including mother Earth. Make a contribution to WEDO to support our work toward a healthy and peaceful planet, for both your kids and ours.
Happy Mother’s Day.
In peace and solidarity,
Cate & Eleanor

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