WEDO wishes to express its heartfelt concern and deepest sympathies to the men and women of Japan, as they work to overcome this unprecedented natural disaster.

Read below for important information from the Gender and Disaster Network.

The following are notes, focal points and links to agencies and organisations involved in response and recovery provided by women from Japan. With thanks to Dr Jane Henrici, Study Director of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research for compiling the list.

Tamiyo Kondo, Associate Professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering and Department of Architecture, provided the following information:

-Some academics sent some recommendations to the national government, mainly about gender issues in disaster response and recovery phases.

-Volunteer coordinator centers are going to be set up soon. Those who would like to send supplies for women can coordinate with these centers.

-Japanese academics and planners are seeking out how to contribute to the national government’s efforts for better response and recovery.

Links are provided by Keiko Ikeda, Shizuoka University and Yoko Saito, UNCRD Disaster Management Planning, Hyogo Office

Announcement from the Government of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan

International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering

+++Reports of NGOs+++

AAR Japan

ADRA Japan

AMDA (Medical assistance)

The NGO Collaboration Center for HANSHIN QUAKE Rehabilitation (Provides daily briefings on the aftermath of the earthquake and support extended to affected prefectures)

JOICEP (Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning)

IVY (International Volunteer Centre of Yamagata) This organization coordinates NGOs in the field. (Yamagata is a prefecture bordering with worst hit Miyagi)

JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation) apex body of Japanese NGOs (Their English-language site does not have information on the disaster)

Peace Winds Japan


World Vision Japan (Their English-language site does not have information on the disaster)

+++Information in multiple languages for affected foreigners+++

FM Waiwai

Tohoku area Pacific offshore earthquake multi-language support center

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