by Elaine Colligan- WEDO Gender and Climate Change Intern

NEW YORK (June 26, 2013)– Today WEDO protested the Rockaway and Spectra Pipelines with #OccupythePipeline at City Hall Park! At noon, activists carrying pipeline sculptures marched into the park, accompanied by musicians from Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Guitarmy, only to be battered away by a crowd armed with sculpted solar panels and wind turbines. WEDO marched with the flash mob around the park, chanting, “Hey New York City! We want renewable energy!” and “Pipelines! Beware! You are not welcome here!” See the photos below:

WEDO Summer Interns Lauren Kaufmann and Elaine Colligan at Wednesday afternoon rally!

“Pipelines! Beware! You are not welcome here!”

Elaine Colligan

“Hey NYC! We want renewable energy!”

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