WARSAW, POLAND (November 16, 2013) – On Saturday, November 16, Ulrike Roehr of LIFE E.V. made an intervention in the closing session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) at COP19, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency:

From the women and gender perspective we have seen positive steps towards progress made in Doha and now here in Warsaw, providing the UNFCCC process to be at the fore front on gender equality.

A great new chapter lies ahead of us. A broad coalition of women and gender stakeholders has recommended some next steps in order to not lose track and we are looking to see them reflected in the SBI Chairs conclusions.

Of utmost importance is to ensure an ongoing process to further discuss ways to implement gender equality during intersessionals and COP. Furthermore, the following funding provisions are needed:

1.the allocation of resources in the trust fund should incentivize delegations to improve their gender balance
2.additional funding for participation of gender advocates
3.funding for a regular gender experts in the UNFCCC secretariat to follow up on the gender decision must be allocated.

We urgently call upon Parties for additional funding for a supplementary budget earmarked to increase gender capacity in the UNFCCC secretariat.

Despite this progress, we are concerned.

Parties, in Poland we have come with various external but relevant events happening: Prior to our arrival , we witnessed the criminalization of environmental rights activists, upon our arrival we were faced with the losses and damages that have occurred from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and during our stay the fossil fuel industry is being given undeserved promotion and attention. Yet, the negotiations remain stagnant, the Parties remain polarized and decisions remain rhetoric. It is your most urgent mandate to come to an overall decision about a future climate regime with strong and legally binding emission targets. You can not mainstream gender into a zero outcome.

Be now inspired to walk the talk on gender AND climate change!

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