NEW YORK (February 6, 2013)– Join the e-discussion: 4 February – 1 March! The UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda has proposed that environmental sustainability be one of the four core dimensions in a post-2015 development agenda, along with inclusive social development, inclusive economic development, and peace and security.  Based on this and the outcomes of Rio+20, there is growing consensus that the post-2015 development agenda will need to apply an integrated approach that includes environmental sustainability as a central component if we are to achieve the future we want.

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You are cordially invited to join us in this e-discussion “Environmental Sustainability for the World We Want: Moving From the MDGs to Post-2015”, and help to define how best to reflect environmental sustainability in the post-2015 agenda. 

This e-discussion is part of the first phase of the global thematic consultation on environmental sustainability which aims to look broadly at what we have learned from the Millennium Development Goals and to bring forward new thinking and experiences related to integrated approaches that link economic, social and environmental sustainability and touch on cross-cutting issues such as gender equality, human rights, young people, inequalities and the partnerships necessary to make progress.  Building upon the 90 discussion notes that have been received, this first e-discussion provides an additional opportunity for people from around the world to help frame the priorities for the dialogue moving forward. The discussion will address the questions outlined below.

We invite you to participate in your preferred language, to share your views, experiences and questions with citizens from all over the world.

We encourage you to review the Framing Paper for background information to help in thinking about the following questions that will be discussed over the next four weeks:

Week 1: Capitalizing on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and MDG7 Achievements and Addressing the Gaps

  1. How and to what extent can we build on lessons learned from MDG7’s achievement in developing our post-2015 development agenda?
  2. How can the post-2015 agenda address any gaps related to environmental sustainability in the overall MDG framework?

Week 2:  Addressing Development Challenges in a Changing World

  1. Which global trends and uncertainties may influence how environmental sustainability is framed in the international development agenda over the next 10-30 years?
  2. What new elements and considerations would need to be incorporated into the post-2015 agenda for it to be environmentally sustainable and adequately capture the essence of the world’s evolving development/financial/social/ economic/ environmental/etc challenges?

Week 3: Framing Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Agenda

  1. In the spirit of the outcomes of Rio+20, what are the barriers and enablers to gradually moving towards environmental sustainability?
  2. Building on the MDGs and the outcomes of Rio+20, how would you envisage a conceptual framework for the post-2015 agenda that can help drive a transition to an environmentally sustainable future? What are the key characteristics?

Week 4: Consensus and Divergence

  1. What are the topic areas where a consensus is evolving and where further dialogue is needed?

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