For the last several years, WEDO has been developing partnerships with civil society organizations and governments in four developing countries as part of a National Advocacy Project to deliver real results for women on the ground. Combining awareness raising and advocacy at the national and local levels, the project seeks to advance gender in policy-making and activity implementation, as well as government accountability to global agreements on equality.

Last year, each main partner conducted a national gender and climate change assessment and presented the findings at WEDO’s first Gender and Climate Change Workshop, held in Dakar, Senegal. The country assessments will help to create policies that consider the needs of women. The country studies also make a strong case for positioning women as leaders on climate change policies and activities. The lessons learned from this nationally focused project are integral to WEDO’s global advocacy, as well. 

The focus countries for the first phase of this project are Ghana, Nepal, Trinidad-and-Tobago and Senegal. The first on-the-ground activity, a Gender and Climate Change Caravan aimed at local policies and activities, is underway this year. Stay tuned here for the first report.

In autumn 2008, WEDO also began building a partnership with organizations in Suriname, and a country assessment will be completed in the coming months.

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