“Women and Energy Access: Impact on Sustainable Development and Livelihoods,” written for the Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book 2011 by WEDO Program Coordinator Eleanor Blomstrom and Gail Karlsson, Policy Advisor at ENERGIA , highlights the importance of energy services and technologies to women’s development.   

 In many developing countries, women lack access to basic technologies such as stoves and water pumps and much of their time and energy is devoted to fuel collection. Prioritizing rural women’s energy access through government electrification and effective fuel distribution plans, investing in technologies, and enabling gender analysis and audits in energy projects, are all strategies that can enhance women’s living conditions and livelihoods by freeing up their time, expanding their access to information, and offering new opportunities for employment. 

Women are also taking innovative and enterprising measures to secure energy access.  In the article you can read about women in Bangladesh, India, and Uganda who are working on projects to conserve energy and improve living conditions. 

Beyond improved access to energy resources, women must also be recognized and involved as leaders in local and national energy planning and policy. By recognizing women as stakeholders in energy projects and furthering their participation at all levels of decision-making, governments can ensure a gender-aware approach to energy policy and promote cleaner, more efficient energy systems for all.

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