The movement for climate justice and real action on environmental problems and equal rights for women is active and growing. People around the world are working hard to shine a light on the problems in their communities while also promoting solutions.

After our request last week for campaign partners & supporters to share their stories, we received overwhelming feedback. Here a is brief update of some activities happening around the world. Check them out and sign-up to show your support. The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice will continue to highlight these crucial campaigns so continue to share in your stories here: #BreakFree from #FalseSolutions

Breaking Free from the disproportional impact of poverty and resource scarcity on women:

  • Somalia: In the throws of food security issues, health problems and a impacts of a changing environment, a group of committed gender balanced community development professionals in Somaliland came together and formed Barwaaqo, which means “prosperity” in Somalia. Within this organization, there are Five Environment Green Watch Activists dispersed throughout the region with each group containing 25 youth, both Boys and Girls, to increase a sense of ownership for their environment. They are now focusing on strengthening the living condition for women and leading a local fight against climate change impacts.

  • Senegal: Women leaders, who were ready to step away from spending an overwhelming amount of their time on gathering the necessary fuel for cooking and the preparation that goes into providing meals for their families, help form the Association for Research-Action and Environment Development in the Sahel (ARADES) in Saint-Louis, Senegal. Among the variety of campaigns on breaking free from outdated burdens, they help develop and distribute the Thermos Cart. This device allows to complete the cooking of a dish with  with significant decrease in energy such as wood fire needed, less greenhouse gas emissions and significantly less time needed to manage it.


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Women and girls around the world are demanding and creating systemic change and a sustainable future for all. We need collective power to attain a just future – we need you.