The movement for climate justice and real action on environmental problems and equal rights for women is active and growing. People around the world are working hard to shine a light on the problems in their communities while also promoting solutions.

After our request last week for campaign partners & supporters to share their stories, we received overwhelming feedback. Here a is brief update of some activities happening around the world. Check them out and sign-up to show your support. The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice will continue to highlight these crucial campaigns so continue to share in your stories here: #BreakFree from #FalseSolutions

Breaking Free from existing fossil fuel industries and their impacts on our communities:

  • Germany: Vattenfall, one of the big energy corporations in Germany, wants to sell the coal mines and power plants, instead of shutting them down as they should. GenderCC,  a global network of organisations, experts and activists working for gender equality, women’s rights and climate justice, are apart of  Ende Gelaende (here and no further) which is holding a mass action of civil disobedience in the lignite fields of Lusatia, Germany to draw a line in the sand and say NO to coal mining and NO to fossil fuel extraction.  Action information is here: https://www.ende-gelaende.org/en/

  • Philippines: People are demanding the cancellation of over 25 other proposed coal plants in the Philippines. A mass organization of peasant women and a federation of rural women’s organizations known as AMIHAN, had a meeting on May 3 with government officials and Calaca coal plant people for the validation of the people’s complaints.  The next day, May 4th,  anti-coal activists from all over the Philippines converged in a climate march that mobilized 8,000+ people in Batangas City, where plans for 600-Megawatt coal fired power plant that is set to occupy a 20-hectare site in Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba. Photos here: https://philippines.breakfree2016.org

  • United States: The golden state of California is one of the nation’s stronghold of the fossil fuel industry and home to the largest urban oil field This Saturday, May 14th, CodePink will be joining with other Californians from across the state will convene in downtown Los Angeles for a massive march demanding that elected leaders put an end to the oil and gas production that threatens people’s health, environment, and future.More information here: https://la.breakfree2016.org

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Women and girls around the world are demanding and creating systemic change and a sustainable future for all. We need collective power to attain a just future – we need you.