BONN, GERMANY (June 13, 2013)– Last week, WEDO’s Rachel Harris was given the unique opportunity to present gender equality views on response measures at a Response Measures Forum held at the SB38 session in Bonn, Germany. Responding to climate change has a number of impacts which includes having an impact on economies heavily dependant on GHGs for their economic development. Therefore response measures address actions to remedy a transition from a high GHG emitting economy to one that is more sustainable with low GHG emissions.

Since 2010 the COP decisions on response measures have referred specifically to the vulnerability of women and children and the positive and negative impacts response measures can have on these segments of the population. However, with regard to a just transition to a “green economy” with decent jobs there can actually be opportunities in response measures to involve women in capacity building and training activities so they can partake in the benefits of this transition. WEDO’s presentation at the response measures forum focused on this opportunity and what it takes for economies to fully involve women in their formal structures.

Some of the recommendations include:

  • Ensuring that transitions to a new energy economy includes equal opportunities for both women and men to participate in job trainings and employment
  • Diversify the workforce as well as the economic landscape creating work atmospheres that are comfortable and conducive to a diversity of employees
  • Recognition of and utilization of skills acquired from unpaid/care labor (i.e. management, multi-tasking, diplomacy, mediation, detail-oriented)
  • Consultation with those transitioning from the previous labor force and those transitioning into the new work force to ensure needs and concerns are met and incorporated into new jobs framework
  • Ensuring employee safety, security and well-being at the workplace
  • Technologies used in the workplace are accessible to diverse employees
  • Adequate compensation for unpaid/care work
  • Workers’ rights/safeguards and social protections
  • Incentives for private sector to promote gender equality standards for decent work and quality jobs.
Download the full presentation here.


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