New York, July 30th 2011– As you may know, several GGCA members have been very engaged during the last year and a half in strengthening the gender inclusiveness and gender equality in the development of the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) (the CTF- Clean Technology Fund and the SCF – Strategic Climate Fund). One strategy GGCA members identified to ensure engagement on climate and gender issues was to create a dedicated observer seat for a gender equality or women’s empowerment expert or organization within each of the CIF Trust Fund Committees and Subcommittees.

Click here to find a letter for your consideration and sign-on. If you would like to support this effort by adding your organization to the growing list of sign-ons, please let GGCA Coordinator Nathalie Eddy, know by 12noon EST on Monday, August 1st.

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Women and girls around the world are demanding and creating systemic change and a sustainable future for all. We need collective power to attain a just future – we need you.