Spotlight on Gender in NDCs: An analysis of Parties’ instruments, plans and actions supporting integration of gender equality principles and practices aims to outline some of the national structures and systems in place for integrating gender into climate action and serve as a proxy baseline on the potential ability of countries to advance progress on gender-responsive action in addressing the climate crisis in conjunction with the updating and implementation of new Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

For the sake of this brief review, countries’ work around gender and climate change in their foreign and development policies were not included. In addition, this rapid analysis aims to serve as a guide to available information and is not a comprehensive compilation of all national gender-responsive climate policy. Countries with limited information available for review and/or evidence of engagement are encouraged to share information and evidence on the processes underway to integrate and enhance gender in NDC planning, policy and implementation. Please e-mail news and updates via WEDO’s Gender Climate Tracker at


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