WEDO was proud to take the lead on social media for the Women’s Major Group, tweeting for @Women_Rio20. During Rio+20, the @Women_Rio20 account reached over 1800 followers from over 100 countries!

The account sent over 250 tweets and was retweeted a total of 675 times!

With the support of partners such as @apwldrio20, @mamacash, @femtaskforce, @WorldPulse, @UN_Women, @zonnywoods, @GGCA_Gender, @WomenDeliver and many others, as well as our own account, @WEDO_Worldwide, the #WomenRio hashtag was used and retweeted thousands of times – helping to amplify the voices and stories of women everywhere!

According to UN Women, more than 2,200 tweets using #WomenRio from 1,000 people created 36 million impressions, and reached 5 million unique users during Rio+20.

Efforts also helped to amplify issues with hashtags such as #sexrightsrio and #NoNuclear

In addition, the Women Creating a Sustainable Future site was host to 50 blog updates, plus photos and videos of action on the ground.

Post-Rio, WEDO will work with partners to make sure this momentum is not lost and that we can continue to build this movement through social media and beyond.

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Women and girls around the world are demanding and creating systemic change and a sustainable future for all. We need collective power to attain a just future – we need you.