WEDO and Both ENDS are pleased to share that, as part of a new joint initiative “Women Demand ‘Gender-Just’ Climate Finance”, we are launching a ‘Women’s Rights & Climate Finance Webinar Series’ that will include a series of six webinars across the next eight months. We will host the first dialogue of this webinar series in December 2017.

One aim of the webinars is to share information on the current agendas of climate finance mechanisms, for example the Green Climate Fund, so that participants who may want to engage more deeply can build up that knowledge. The webinars will also incorporate space for dialogue.

In order to best serve the diverse network of grassroots activists, indigenous women’s groups, women’s funds, environmental groups and gender experts that we hope to reach with this series, we have developed a short questionnaire to assess key knowledge gaps and interests.

We hope to create a curriculum that is demand-driven and advocacy-oriented, ensuring a set of key recommendations from each of the webinars.

Please complete this survey to share your views by Friday 20 October, 2017.


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