NEW YORK (April 22, 2013)— This year, the theme of Earth Day is The Face of Climate Change – “harnessing the power of Earth Day to personalize the massive challenge that climate change presents, while uniting people around the globe into a powerful call to action.”At WEDO, climate change has been a priority issue for many years. The impacts of a warming planet not only exacerbate existing inequalities, but efforts to combat climate change will not be effective without the realization of gender equality and the protection of human rights.

From Bangladesh to New Orleans, those with the fewest resources are the most susceptible to climate change’s negative effects- and that means a tremendous impact particularly on women. In many  parts of the world, women still face unequal access to decision-making, formal financial systems, land ownership, reproductive health care and education and information, undermining their well being in addition to that of their families and communities. At the same time, as innovators, organizers, leaders, educators and caregivers, women are positioned to help curb the harmful consequences of a changing climate. Incorporating gender equality into climate change policies, projects and funds is crucial in ensuring that women contribute to and benefit from equitable climate solutions.

Around the world the integral links between gender equality and climate change impacts can be seen clearly. The graph below highlights some global gender gaps and the impacts of climate change:

Gender Impacts Graph

As we celebrate Earth Day, we join partners, colleagues and friends around the world in a call for action, recognizing our responsibility to each other, to future generations and to a just, peaceful and healthy planet.

Happy Earth Day!


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