Bonn, June 9, 2010 — The Women and Gender Consituency at the UNFCCC has been hard at work during the Bonn negotiations, advocating for the rights of women and ensuring that gender is mainstreamed throughout the negotiating text. Together, we delivered a number of strategic interventions into the negotiation, advocating on:

  • Climate financing– establishing a finance mechanism for climate-related funding which allows effective and equitable access to both women and men and which reaches the most vulnerable communities.
  • Gender sensitive research– conducting a systematic review of existing research on gender in relation to the Convention and implementing a mandatory inclusion of sex-disaggregated data into all research influencing the UNFCCC process.
  • REDD– ensuring the direct engagement of women in REDD processes, particularly in terms of small-scale forestry activities, and respecting women’s rights to land, property, and information.

You can read the full text of these interventions by clicking below.

Intervention on Climate Financing (by Dorah Lebelo, GenderCC)
Intervention on Research Development (by Maira Zahur, GenderCC)
Intervention on REDD (by Rachel Harris, WEDO)

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