On May 21st, 2020, WEDO and over 50 leading humanitarian, foreign policy and women’s rights groups launched a broad vision laying out what feminist foreign policy would look like in the United States. Read more about WEDO’s reflections on the launch here, and watch the recorded event.

A groundbreaking new report titled “Toward a Feminist Foreign Policy in the United States” was published last week with inputs and collaboration from dozens of organizations working at the intersection of foreign policy and women’s rights. This report puts forward a vision of U.S. foreign policy that promotes overarching goals of gender equality, human rights, peace and environmental integrity, while articulating concrete recommendations. It includes a proposed definition, key principles and policy recommendations that provide a forward-looking approach for a fundamentally different way of conducting foreign policy, placing people and the planet above profit.

Publication Rights: Thompson, L., Patel, G., Kripke, G. and O’Donnell, M. (2020). Toward a Feminist Foreign Policy in the United States. Washington, DC: International Center for Research on Women

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