New York, New York — The GEAR Campaign is proud to launch a “TRANSITIONAL TOOLKIT FOR CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS“, with recommendations on how civil society can engage with UN Women.

Created on July 2, 2010, UN Women is the result of years of advocacy by civil society. The new entity combines the mandates of the four existing UN structures for women into one new, higher level UN organization with both policy and operational functions.

The GEAR Campaign, a network of over 300 women’s, human rights and social justice groups, engaged in working to ensure that UN Women will be a coordinated, strong, and strategic organization that further advances the UN’s work on gender equality and women’s empowerment. Some organizations are already engaged with the UN transition process at the national and regional levels, and the GEAR Campaign encourages more actors in civil society to get involved in ensuring that UN Women realize its potential as a powerful vehicle for advancing women’s rights on the ground.


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