SAN FRANCISCO (August 19, 2012)– South Centre Director Martin Khor Monday kicks off a week of climate talks at Daily Kos in an inter-active blogathon which brings together over 30  leading economists, scientists, researchers, academics and activists in the field of climate change.

Participants will discuss the interrelationship of climate change with human rights, environmental justice, natural resources, civil rights, culture, economy, jobs, food security, health care, etc., to provide a realistic picture of the so-called “external costs” of climate change impacts that also affect our lives.

WEDO’s Rachel Harris, whose blog will be featured on Thursday, August 23rd, is excited to join the diverse panel which includes‘s Bill McKibben, CCAFS’s Vanessa Meadu, Michael Mann (co-founder of the award-winning climate science blog “”),  NCSE Programs and Policy Director Mark McCaffrey, SEI’s Peter Erickson,  and NOAA’s Brian Kahn,who sits at the International Research Institute at Columbia,  and is affiliated with NOAA’s  (For a complete list of participants see Climate Change SOS Blogathon: Romney’s Illiteracy & Election Vulnerabiliy).

Along with engaging providing a forum for discussion on some of the key issues involving climate change, the week long blogathon is also inviting its audience to report in on evidence of climate change from where they live. See Reports of Climate Change from Your Backyard.

Each morning, prior to the beginning of the official ‘talks,” readers will be invited to submit real time reports on how climate change is impacting the environment and their lives. The reports will be archived and analyzed after the conclusion of the blogathon.

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