As an observer to the UNFCCC and a member of the Women and Gender Constituency, WEDO often provides technical expertise from a gender and justice perspective in a variety of ways including through writing interventions and submissions. This year, the WEDO team has been actively drafting inputs in the form of submissions in order to mainstream into the process.

Apart from prioritizing the Lima Work Programme on Gender, WEDO has also been working to ensure that gender and human rights are cross-cutting throughout every agenda item. For example, on technology, WEDO submitted perspectives on ensuring that technology development and transfer is transparent, decentralized, sustainable, affordable, and places gender at the core of all aspects of the process.

Each submission provides a set of key recommendations and oftentimes, lessons learned and best practices in order to articulate the importance of gender-responsive climate policy.

For a closer look at each of the submissions, see below:

wedos ubmissions

Photo credit: Annabelle Avril/WECF


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