Last month, WEDO’s Juliana Velez participated in a regional conference on women’s empowerment and climate change hosted and facilitated by the Homemakers United Foundation (HUF) in Taipei, Taiwan. Apart from delivering a keynote speech at the conference, Juliana participated in local preparatory meetings, breakout sessions on energy transition, panels on women’s human rights in the context of climate change, and site visits to feminist led environmental initiatives. The four days spent in Taipei resulted in an invaluable experience filled with learning and knowledge sharing as well as alliance and movement building.

“In times of great uncertainty — when women’s rights, indigenous peoples rights, and the integrity of the environment are constantly under attack — it can be difficult to tirelessly resist, imagine alternatives, and find silver linings. My trip to Taiwan was timely, to say the least, as I had the privileged opportunity to spend four days with fierce and incredible Eco-feminists that not only inspired me but restored hope. Through interactive sessions, individual conversations, and informative site visits, HUF and partners reminded me that positive, transformational change can happen and is happening — from small scale projects and community owned cooperatives to massive national mobilizations and progressive policies.”

To read more about Juliana’s experience and to learn about the inspiring Eco-feminists that are leading the environmental movement in Taiwan, see: 


Energy transition panel | Photo credit: HUF


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