As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, war and conflict, and widespread climate and environmental crises – all which have disproportionate impacts on women, girls, and gender-diverse people – a shift to a new paradigm is urgently required. 

The Feminist Action Nexus for Economic and Climate Justice (“Action Nexus”) is an initiative born out of the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) that promotes the necessary transformation away from the fossil-fuel capitalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy and white supremacy that drive both the climate crisis and rampant inequality. The initiative aims to advance a comprehensive feminist agenda at the nexus of climate and economic justice towards regenerative economies that center care for people and planet. It seeks to urgently and radically transform our approach to economic growth, our systems of production and consumption, and the rules that govern our macroeconomic and multilateral systems.

This work is grounded in three key resources:

  • A Blueprint for Feminist Economic Justice, authored by Diyana Yahaya [ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH]
  • A Brief on a Feminist Decolonial Global Green New Deal, authored by Bhumika Muchhala [ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH]
  • A Brief on Human Rights & the Private Sector, authored by Sanam Amin [ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH]


Over an initial two-year implementation phase, the Action Nexus will serve three key functions:

  • Outline and implement a broad advocacy agenda that advances feminist economic and climate justice in key global policy spaces – centering the leadership of global South women, girls, and gender-diverse people while forging connections across movements and regions.
  • Provide tools, resources, and strategizing spaces for this body of work, at regional and global levels.
  • Develop/create an annual mechanism for measurement and accountability toward feminist climate and economic justice at a global level.

The work of the Action Nexus is grounded in the key demands outlined below. On this basis, the co-conveners welcome likeminded civil society organizations and individuals to join us in influencing global policy arenas to advance our collective agenda for feminist economic and climate justice. Sign up for updates on the work of the Action Nexus here: https://bit.ly/ActionNexus.

Key Demands

  1. Transform global and national economic systems to enable a just and equitable transition away from a fossil fuel economy and toward a feminist decolonial green new economy.
  2. Restructure the global trade system to enable local and small producers to thrive. 
  3. Redistribute wealth and resources through a progressive and equitable global tax system, to enable governments to mobilize domestic resources and invest in public service provision and climate action. 
  4. End the sovereign debt crisis and promote debt justice. Redirect public resources from servicing predatory, illegitimate, and colonial loans towards climate action and gender-responsive public services to reduce and redistribute unpaid care work and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  5. Democratize the global economic and financial architecture to promote global solidarity and collective ambition to address global crises.
  6. End corporate power and influence over global public goods and service provision.
  7. Ensure all climate finance is gender-just, to implement feminist solutions to the climate crisis that prioritize immediate emissions cuts; a just and equitable transition and decent work for all; ecosystem-based approaches; and redressing loss and damage.

Pictures of people in a protest, holding a placard with text, "if women stop, the world stops." The right of the image has text in black and red, "DOWNLOAD the full list of Key Demands to transform global policies in line with the vision of the Action Nexus"



The Generation Equality Forum process resulted in the creation of “Action Coalitions” organized around six core themes; in 2021, a group of feminist civil society activists working to achieve global climate and economic justice came together at the intersection of two of these Action Coalitions. Thus, the “Action Nexus” was born, and is spearheaded by the co-leads of the Climate Justice Action Coalition (WEDO, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance) and two allied organizations from the Economic Justice & Rights Action Coalition (FEMNET, Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development).


On April 12, the Feminist Action Nexus for Economic and Climate Justice officially launched two years of collective advocacy and policy engagement. Watch the event recording below in English with subtitles in Spanish and French


Watch this interactive and virtual session organized by the Feminist Action Nexus for Economic and Climate Justice, and Women’s Major Group, reflecting on the challenges and urgency of advancing a systems change agenda.

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