New York, NY (August 4, 2016) — WEDO is honored to announce a lead partnership with the World Urban Campaign. The World Urban Campaign (WUC) is an advocacy and partnership platform to raise awareness about positive urban change in order to achieve green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and well-planned cities. Its goal is to place the Urban Agenda at the highest level in development policies. It is coordinated by UN-Habitat and driven by a large number of committed partners – currently 136 partners and networks – from around the world.



Sustainable cities and settlements are safe, provide for mobility, ensure access to resources, have accessible green and public space, and provide economic opportunities – for all. Climate change, sustainable development and gender equality must be pursued in tandem in order to address gender-differentiated needs – to ensure that transportation, infrastructure, policy development, service provision and environmental sustainability respond to women and men of all ages, races, abilities, economic status and geographical location. WEDO will work to highlight and support the contributions women bring to sustainable cities.


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Women and girls around the world are demanding and creating systemic change and a sustainable future for all. We need collective power to attain a just future – we need you.