‪#‎WHRD‬ ALERT: Devastating news from Honduras on March 3, 2015, Indigenous Leader Berta Cáceres is assassinated in her home.

Berta has been a fierce advocate leading indigenous peoples in fights for land rights across Honduras. In 2015 Berta Cáceres won the Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s leading environmental award. In awarding the prize, the Goldman Prize committee said, “In a country with growing socioeconomic inequality and human rights violations, Berta Cáceres rallied the indigenous Lenca people of Honduras and waged a grassroots campaign that successfully pressured the world’s largest dam builder to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam.”

Read More here: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Honduras-Indigenous-Leader-Berta-Caceres-Assassinated-in-Home-20160303-0010.html

La Via Campesina issued a statement & called for action: “La Via Campesina Honduras denounces the government of Honduras and the transnational companies that extract and exploit our country’s natural resources. As an international movement of peasants, we demand that the State of Honduras punish those responsible for this vile assassination, and we call to all international organizations that defend human rights to join this demand. La Via Campesina makes a call to organize protest actions in the embassies of Honduras around the world to demand clarity in this crime, and to protect defenders of land and territory, and of human rights in Honduras.”

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