We all have a right to move through the world safely and freely. Across lines of race, class and gender, transportation has historically perpetuated white supremacy, patriarchy, and deepening wealth inequality. With an intersectional feminist analysis that confronts and addresses how systems of oppression influence mobility policies and our lived experiences within transportation systems, it is possible for transportation to take on new forms, as a catalyst for transformation. On July 29, 2021 WEDO launched a new report on Gender, Climate and Transport, and how to build a more just mobility system for all.

We were also excited to host a webinar event launching the resource (recordings in both English and Spanish) with a panel of feminist transportation activists and advocates, including:

  • Dr. Regan Patterson, author of the report, environmental justice consultant and Transportation Equity Research Fellow at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation;
  • Logan Dreher, Clean Mobility Partnerships Coordinator, GRID Alternatives;
  • Haleema Bharoocha, Senior Advocacy Manager, from Alliance for Girls;
  • Allie Perez, Communications Committee Co-Chair, National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues;
  • in conversation with WEDO’s Mara Dolan.

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