NEW YORK (May 14, 2013)

Dear friends,

As WEDO has joyfully marked its twentieth anniversary and continues well on its path implementing its bold 2011-2015 strategic plan – and as WEDO is strengthened by new Board members, complemented by a visionary new Advisory Committee, which you will see highlighted in our next quarterly newsletter! – I have decided, with support from Board, Advisors and staff alike, that it is the right time for me to move on from this special organization. Next month, after almost seven extraordinary years, I will leave my role at WEDO and move on to new adventures.

There aren’t words to describe the mixed emotions that this time brings for me personally, as WEDO is family. Professionally, though, it is simpler: I miss the program work and long to delve back into it. My tenure as Executive Director has been inspiring, humbling, and rewarding all at once – and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. From action research and advocacy on the ground in eight countries over the last two years to continued progress in numerous global policy spheres, WEDO has grown and evolved, making strides toward realizing the future we envision. More than anything, your partnerships and friendship, all over the world, have motivated us – and we thank you.

A transition process is underway, and we will be posting updates to a new section on our website called ‘Inside WEDO‘. I look forward to a new relationship with WEDO as a friend and advisor, and the wonderful Eleanor Blomstrom, with whom many of you have had the pleasure to work over the years, will assume the position of Program Director/ Interim Head of Office. Our Board Executive Committee is actively supporting us, and I am grateful for their leadership and wisdom, as always.

Transitions can be challenging – but change is good! I hope you will join me in celebrating this as an exciting time for WEDO. And, as always, I hope you will join me in tireless commitment toward fulfilling WEDO’s vision of a more just, equal and sustainable world.

With thanks, peace and warm wishes,


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