Beyond goals in the text, WEDO also had goals to reframe the narrative on climate change, namely to ensure women’s voices and a women’s rights perspective were central to the climate narrative. As CNN reported, even though media coverage of climate change has increased significantly, only 15% of those interviewed on climate have been women.

How are we changing the narrative?

Working alongside women activists from around the world, initial assessments have gathered over 100 articles, interviews and TV spots which feature advocates of the Women and Gender Constituency, including spots on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, and feature articles in environmental outlets such as Grist.

Check out key highlights from our Storify!

Special thanks to our lead media gurus Celia Alario and Laurie Kaufman for supporting efforts in amplifying women’s voices- and the media support team including Claire Greensfelder, Tania Hack, Nathalie Lowenthal-Savy, Valerie Domeneghetty and Claire Tighe. 

WEDO was also proud to work with a fabulous team from Survival Media Agency, Christine Irvine, Ritu Bhardwaj and Lindsay Hughes who supported visual and graphics on behalf of WEDO and in support of members of the Women and Gender Constituency.

Check out some amazing photos of women in action on WEDO’s Flickr, and watch below.


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