New polling and report from the Feminist Green New Deal and Data for Progress shows national respondents believe care jobs are green jobs, and that care should be central to climate, jobs & infrastructure policies

The Feminist Green New Deal Coalition and Data for Progress released new polling on September 21, 2021, finding that a strong majority of respondents believe care should be central to climate, workforce, and infrastructure policies, and that respondents believe care work are green jobs. In the midst of intersecting economic crises, climate crises, and the ongoing infrastructure fights, these findings reiterate that people support bold economic investments that center care for people and the planet. Key findings from the polling include:

  • “Green” jobs should refer to all jobs related to the well-being of people and the planet, and that includes care. 69% of all respondents agree that green jobs are any job related to the well-being of people and the planet.
  • Polling shows that, although there is initially a bias against care jobs being perceived as “green jobs”, that bias erodes when exposed to specific narratives demonstrating that care is climate work.
  • However, respondents find messages around care work being critical, green work and care infrastructure being critical to an equitable green economy persuasive and popular. 


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